C. Booking for an Interview

  1. Visit https://cgifederal.secure.force.com/language=English&country=Philippines
  2.  Register and create profile.
  3.  Sign in and fill out the information required.
  4.  Choose the available date.
  5.  After booking, they will send an email instruction on where to pay. BPI is the affiliated bank. Print the booking confirmation. Bring it when you pay to the bank
  6.  Fee is $265. You pay it in peso depending upon the exchange rate during that day
  7.  Keep the receipt. Bring it during the interview.
  8.  After paying, you need to go back to your profile where you booked the interview date and verify that you pay the visa fee
  9.  The payment will take almost 24 hours to be in the U.S. Embassy’s computer system.
  10.  Once verified, they will send the interview appointment letter. It contains information such as your name, time and date of the interview. Print it.
This was my BPI receipt

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