March 12,2019 BY JEAN

July 14-18,2017,we went to Anaheim, California to see Disneyland. We brought our trailer and parked it to a close RV Park by Disney. I learnt that I have relatives from my father's side in Lawndale and my other aunt would want us to visit us in her workplace in Nigel, Laguna. It was really great to met them. They were very nice to us and welcomed us warmly.


I hope to see them again in our future trips in California.

I am a Disney fanatic in my childhood and got more hooked into Disney shows when I had my daughter. My daughter loves Mickey and Goofy, that's why during her 2nd birthday we gave her a Mickey-theme birthday party. It is a little cheaper and hassle free if you buy tickets online. If you purchase ticket in the park, the line is quiet long. When we came the ticket was $110/each adult. Kids younger than 3 years old are free. Ticket prices varies. Check it HERE. We parked our truck in the Disney parking which was $20 from 10 a.m. to 12 midnight. Just make sure to remember where you park. The parking buildings are very big. There were shuttle who take us to the park for free.Upon boarding in the service shuttle, there will be security measures to make sure that you don't have selfie stick. There were lots of foods and drink around the park, so don't worry about bringing food/drink.

The adventure begun here:


This is the famous entrance to Disneyland. Fall in line if you want to take pictures and ride to everything.

There are actually two theme parks there: the Disneyland and the California Adventures. Those two parks are of the same owner, the Disney. Ticket prices are the same also. First day we went to Disneyland, the second day we went to California Adventures. Both parks have the same common denominator: rides and Disney characters. If I have to choose which one is nicer it would be Disneyland. It is more fun and has a lot to see and do compared to California Adventures.

I think the highlight of our trip to Disneyland and California Adventures was when we got to met the characters face to face especially Mickey, Goofy, Elsa and Anna which were the favorite of my daughter.


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