Passport Renewal in Philippine Embassy in L.A.


It is time to renew my passport. It will expire in three months (July 3,  2019). It is best to renew the passport six months before expiration as we may encounter problems boarding the airlines, immigration might deny us of entry and flying.
The P.H. Embassy in L.A. had changed the rule to “Appointment” just March 1, 2019. I prepared my paperworks January. Oh My Gosh! Good thing I checked their website few days before our scheduled trip. I can just imagine my frustrations if I did not check it the last minute. I am from Arizona. I am pretty sure we will get stuck in L.A. and wait for their available date.

These are the requirements for the Renewal:
1. Set for an Appointment
2. Application Form (Proceed to No.7)Click [pdf]
3. Original Passport
4. Copy of Passport information page
5. $60 in cash or in cashier’s check
6. USPS return mail envelop if you want it be mailed in your house

What to do:
1. Go to Embassy. The address is at: 3435 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 550 Los Angeles California 90010. Go early as it takes a while to find parking space. We parked by the road and paid $2.


2. Tell the guard that you have an appointment. He will check your name if it is on the list of applicant’s for the day and he will give you a priority number.
3. Find a seat. Wait for your number to be called. There is a recording voice and tell you what window you should go. Window 1 and 2  are for processing of the papers. Present your Application Form, Passport, Passport copy.
4. Proceed to Cashier (Window 7). Pay the $60. Give your passport and include the envelop.
5. Go back to your seat and wait your number to be called for Encoding and Biometrics. (Window 3 or 4). After biometrics, you are finish.

Priority Number and Receipt


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