E. The Interview


May 5, 2015 was my most awaited day, the Interview. I was excited and nervous. I was thinking if I will get approved, I will be with my fiancé. My hotel was just across the U.S. Embassy. I walked going there with a nerve-wracking self. I cannot explain my feelings that time. It felt like I got to pee or poop, ha-ha. When I was already inside, I felt as is already and said to myself that if others can do this then why can’t I. I answered only the questions that were asked. Do not over talk or give too much information. Do not be over confident. It might pissed off the Consul. You can bring your boyfriend during interview. Just let him bring his passport. Let him be quiet during the interview or else he will be told to sit lol.

Requirements for the Interview:

1. Form DS-160
2. The confirmation page of your interview schedule/appointment
3. Passport
4. Receipt of your paid visa application from BPI
6. PSA Birth Certificate
7. Updated NBI Clearance (for Travel Abroad)
8. Medical Exam Result
9. Divorce paper (if available)
10. Affidavit of Support from the Petitioner (Form I-134)
11. Photocopies of Latest Income Tax Returns (Form 1040)
12. Photocopies of Latest Withholding Tax Statement (W-2)
13. 1 piece 2x2 I.D. picture
14. Proof of relationship with your fiancé such as:
• Photos of you together
• Internet Bill
• Phone Bill
• Print your chat history if you can (I was asked by the Filipino interviewer if I had chat history with my fiancé. Good thing I printed about 15 copies. I copied the chat conversation from the fb messenger.)

You can do the interview on the week of your medical exam, to save a trip especially if you are from the province.


What to do:

1. During the interview, you are not allowed to bring electronics/ gadgets such as phone, tablet, charger, flash drive, headset and more. Leave it in your hotel. Once you are caught, you will be denied of entry and will be told to reschedule your interview. There were people outside the Embassy who offered us that we can leave our valuables to them, if we have electronic gadgets and they asked about Php500. RIDICULOUS!!! They were taking advantage of the applicants, honestly. There was a woman who offered me a chair. I thought the Embassy provided it. Haha, But NO! I had to pay Php60. Pretty expensive for a mono block chair, right?
2. Wear comfy shoes. Be presentable.
3. There is a store inside. There is no need to bring food or water.
4. Once you are outside the Embassy, ask the guard or the people which one is the line for the K-1 Visa. Each line designates what type of visa is.
5. When the personnel is ready to let us go inside, prepare the confirmation page for your interview and passport. At the back of the passport, they will put a sticker like this.


6. You will go through security. Put all your things in a tote.
7. Fall in line again. Prepare the DS-160 and 1 piece I.D. picture. They will give you the priority number and the list of the requirements attached in the DS-160 shown below.


8. Find a seat and relax. There will be somebody (a woman) who will call your number. Fall in line once your number is called to get inside to the main building of the Embassy.

Steps for the Interview:

1. Biometrics. Prepare your DS-160 and passport.
2. Pre- Interview. A Filipino will interview and check the requirements.
3. Oath. To make sure you will tell the true information during the final interview.
4. Final Interview. An American Consul is going to interview. It should only take less than 10 minutes. At the end of the interview, the Consul will tell you immediately whether you are approved or not.
5. Verification. They want to make sure the right address where the visa packet will be sent.

What happened after the Interview:

• The Embassy will send an email when the visa packet is released.
• Wait for about 5-10 working days. The visa packet will be delivered via 2GO.
DO NOT OPEN THE VISA PACKET. You will give that to the immigration officer in your port of entry(First airport in the U.S. you will arrive). That yellow envelop contains the requirements we submitted during interview.
• Go for CFO Pre-Departure Seminar (I have an article for this, just look it up.)

The Visa
52887327_254440935496433_9105947416233771008_n (1)
The Visa Packet

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